February 3rd, 2014

Source: Vogue Living

Ok so this might be a little “frilly” but it has some of the elements in my reoccurring fantasy. Easy now….I’m talking about the space, not some fantasy where a scantily clad hunk of a man feeds me grapes on the Louis style daybed (although that has an appeal…..)…….. Anyhoo! the space is similar to something in my mind that I have been dreaming about forever. I’m talking about building my own house at home (Caribbean home not UK home). In my mind it’s open plan, has sweeping verandas, with tall shuttered doors all the way around, vaulted ceilings and most definitely reflects Caribbean architecture from the outside (think old school Jamaican architecture like Strawberry Hill or Tryall). On the inside it’s a mix of contemporary, quirky, a little bit collected - basically eclectic but relaxed. Now I just need to win the lotto to fund this little project. I won’t hold my breath then…..

(Source: thebowerbirds.com)

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Interior Designer raised in the Caribbean and transplanted in London. These are images I collect which I love. It might only be a part of an image, a single object or the composition, but each has something that I am drawn to.