May 28th, 2014

Source: French by Design

Uhhhh, I think I may have died and gone to interiors heaven……in Barcelona. Heaven in Barcelona. Ok enough. But seriously?! When I come across spaces like this I’m reminded why I love my job. I also get a serious craving for adventure and the feeling of possibility - like “I can do that!” also a massive craving to do exactly that. You following me? It’s hard to explain, but I love nothing more then trawling the net for run down, tired properties (all over the world!) and dreaming about all the things I could do to them. This place gets me because of its enormous proportions, elegant details, amazing windows and mix of contemporary furnishings. I’m also slightly in love with the floor. Like a LOT in love. 


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Interior Designer raised in the Caribbean and transplanted in London. These are images I collect which I love. It might only be a part of an image, a single object or the composition, but each has something that I am drawn to.